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Programmable Doppler Radar Velocity Meter


A Programmable Microwave Velocity Meter

Model HPVM 5

The HPVM 5 Motion Meter is a stand-alone, compact unit that emits a microwave signal to provide continuous velocity and magnitude measurements. Despite its compact design, the HPVM 5 has big advantages. Our new Motion Meter was engineered to include the following exceptional features:

  • The ability to measure true product velocity
  • Flexibility to enable configuration of the unit to almost any type of application

The Motion Meter's powerful processing board, with 420 mA output and two programmable relays, allows utilization of the HPVM 5 as a process protection device for events such as motion-out-of-range or motion failure.

Users are able to program the operating parameters of the HPVM 5 either locally, using the intuitive 4-button/4-digit LED interface, or remotely, via the RS232 serial port. The port can also be used to download new or custom sensor/control programs from our Web site, or to diagnose and service the meter.

The sensor of the HPVM 5 is ideally suited for velocity and magnitude measurements of bulk materials moving in, or on, pneumatic conveying lines, belt conveyors, gravity spouts, chutes, discharge orifices, and so on. It is also suited for non-contact velocity measurements of moving machinery, such as fan blades, drills, blowers, and elevators. In addition, the HPVM 5 can be used for measuring frequency and amplitudes of vibrating equipment.

During operation, the velocity meter emits a low level K-band microwave signal that, when reflected off moving particles or objects, causes a shift in the frequency proportional to the velocity (Doppler effect). This reflected signal is processed by the sensor to provide continuous velocity and magnitude measurements. No calibration is required, by virtue of the Doppler effect and the design of the sensor. By allowing users to adjust parameters controlling the sensor's operation, the infinitely variable 420 mA output, and the programmable relays, the HPVM 5 is extremely flexible and provides a wide range of operating configurations.


Features of the HPVM 5 Programmable Velocity Meter

  • Compact design, enclosed in an explosion proof, watertight instrument housing with two " conduit entries.
  • 1-1/4" NPT sensor mounting. Standard horn window manufactured from UHMW plastic. PTFE window is also available.
  • 4-digit LED display and 4-button user configuration interface. This is a simple, intuitive interface allowing the user to program the various parameters at the sensor.
  • Programmable isolated 420 mA output. This analog output can be scaled to indicate velocity or magnitude. Different programs allow this output to be used as process control signal.
  • Two programmable relays. These relays can be independently programmed to close or open within any velocity and/or magnitude range.
  • 9-pin isolated RS232 serial port. This port can be used to remotely configure the sensor, monitor velocity, and measure magnitude. Utilizing this port to load different sensor/control programs further increases flexibility of the velocity meter.
  • 120/220 Volt operation, 50/60 Hz. Jumpers are factory set at time of shipping.


Specifications of the HPVM 5 Programmable Velocity Meter

Max. velocity measurement:

5,000 ft/min.(25.0 m/sec) mounted at a 45 degree angle to the target

Velocity accuracy:

+/- 4.0 % at 45 deg. Angle to target

+/- 2.5 % at 0 deg. Angle to target


24.125 GHz +/- 0.025

Power consumption:

4.5 Watt max. 120 VAC/220 VAC selectable

Power output:

5mW (typical) 2mW min.

Max. operating ambient temperature:

-22.0 to+158 deg. F; -30 to + 70 deg. C

Max. 4-20 mA Output load:

10 ohm to 650 ohm non-inductive (external DC source will extend this range)

Max. external DC source for 4-20 mA:


Max. current/voltage for relays:

5A/250VAC; 5A/30VDC resistive load

Field wiring:

Available on a 10-circuit removable connector (screw-clamp type)


Hazardous location Class I Group B,C,D Class 2 Group E,F,G, NEMA 4

Overall weight:

4.4 pounds; 2.0 kg

Velocity Meter dimensions: